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Have you ever wished that you could find a business that provides you with a genuine opportunity to change your life? Well, I would like to share with you a business that has truly changed my life and the lives of countless other people throughout the world...

It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself feeling “bogged down" … Although I had what was known as the "best" job in the building, and had opportunities to earn additional income through extra-curricular activities, I lost the passion for what I was doing. I spent 17+ years as educator in the urban public school system. The last three years of that time I was in a Technology leadership position, Computer Science Teacher and Network Administrator -bound by politics that frankly left me feeling burned out.
I love to help people. I knew there had to be something else out there for me and I wanted to find something that I could continue working with people from all over the world, and help them find their spark again. I was incredibly fortunate to find this opportunity. I was able to leave my J-O-B, come home to my husband and son, and work this amazing business from home.
This business is founded on the principles of the universal laws of attraction, the power of positive thinking, and mindset. Personal development is now a $20 billion/year industry and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Personal development is the process of improving self-knowledge, developing potential, increasing confidence, building human capital, and enhancing quality of life. The bottom line here is that I am looking for motivated professionals who are serious about creating change for themselves. If you are ready to take control of your life, and no longer let life control you, then you may have just found the perfect opportunity!
Success is a choice …your choice! It's always your choice!

Submit your contact information today and I will personally call you back for a short qualifying interview to determine if this is the perfect opportunity for you.


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Empowerment Is A Dirty Word

Empowerment Is A Dirty Word

By Dana Krals

Earlier this year I did an exercise that has you create your own personal mission statement. It's a great thing to do and I highly recommend it. Essentially what you are doing with this exercise is aligning yourself with your life's purpose. The idea is that you do have a purpose, unique to you, and that your strengths and talents will lie in a particular area that allows you to take action on that purpose. Pinpoint your purpose defined with a mission statement, and use it as a guiding force that allows you to align your outer life with your inner design.

For example, I did the exercise and decided that my personal mission statement is "To educate, inspire and empower for the sake of transformation". Now, when opportunities, products, money making endeavors and so on come my way, one of the ways I know if I am or am not aligned with them is by going back to my personal mission statement and checking in.

Shortly after creating my mission statement, however, I began to have a problem with the word 'empower'. Now, I went to school for social work, and empowerment is very big over there. The reason why everyone likes empowerment is that it is the whole 'we'll teach you to fish rather than give you a fish' idea. Giving out fish, or solving people's problems for them, is absolutely enabling and ineffective over the long term. Empowering implies that even when the fish giver is no longer around, it doesn't matter, because you can fish on your own. It all seems very nice. But since empowerment was part of my personal mission, I began to think about it a bit more. And then I decided I didn't like it.

The reason is that really, when I say I am empowering you, what I mean to say is that I know what's best for you, and I'm gonna teach you how to get what I think you should have. It's really about me. It's not about giving. Yes, I empowered you. Even the statement, "I am empowered" implies that you got it from someone else, and didn't do much for your own self. Here, work this program. Here, get this job. Here, study this text. It's a little bit like a social work mission trip. Since the time your village gave up sacrificial cannibalism, your religion has been working fine for you. But here comes someone on a mission trip ready to empower you.

Now, I do not say that we stop helping people, just that we stop empowering them. Another thing they like to say in the social work field is, "People can't be expected to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps!" True. Sometimes they do. But they can't be expected to. There are collective issues that occur as a result of our collective crap, and we have to do something about it collectively. I'm talking institutional racism, poverty, hunger, things like that. I know you personally didn't do it. But in a sense we all did. We're a bit like a corporation. All the corporate employees are proud to belong when the new advertising commercials or paychecks come out. No one, however, cares much about the corporate carbon footprint or follows the hourly wages paid to the overseas workers making the product. Someone else is responsible for that! That's how the collective crap comes about, and while I'm not big on empowering, we certainly should take responsibility and help out.

So, me, I took empowerment out of my personal mission statement. It was really about me feeling good about myself. So I'm going more with the education piece, and added in 'providing tools'. I think that choice should always be there for the person receiving the helping, as much as possible. They should pick the tools that work best for them and with their own knowledge and critical thinking, decide what works. For them. And it might not be what works best for me, or what I thought would work best for them, but since they're the one living their life, I have to trust they can in fact, live their own life. For now my personal mission statement reads: "To educate, inspire, and provide tools for the sake of transformation".

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WE ARE Expanding !

Foxed Up Live Media (FUL) Media will be expanding to include Pre- Post Production Services:

Voice Overs, Info- mercials , Radio ad production services, spokesperson, etc. Who is the syndicated radio-talk-show-host in that photo?===>

Winter Doldrums? Cabin Fever Symptoms?...Just in time for Spring. Our debut show

On WNWR RADIO 1540 AM airs live , Tuesday March 9th, 2010 @ 6pm. The Same great topics as


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Education/ Training

* West Chester University Education

* University of Tenn College of Law

* Rosemont College Technology in Education

* U.S. Air Force Training in Computer Programming/ Hardware upgrades & Maintenance under Maj.

* DPT Network Engineer- Microsoft 2000

* Canterbury Gnostic Theology

Leadership Posts

*Co- Block Captain

*Block Captain

*Technology Teacher Leader School District of Philadelphia

*School-Wide Leadership Team Lowell Elem

Service to Children Families & Communities

* Highest Humanitarian Award West Chester University

* Community Service Award/Citation 8th City Council District

* Recipient of Tubman Family Award/Citation Philadelphia City Council- in honor of Harriet Tubman's contributions to society

* Seventeen year veteran teacher/ Computer Science& Network Admin School District of Philadelphia

* Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

* United Nations Devotions Leader/ Representative Convention on Rights of the Child

* Founder , Exec. Dir. Children Just For Now Network

* Past GLOSC (Greater Logan Olney Family Services Center) Advisory Board ( PA STAKEHOLDERS)

* Past Philadelphia Dept. of Human Services Child Welfare Advisory Board

Leadership in Public Safety

* Author of " Survival for 21st Century, THE OLD WAYS", Vol 1

* President of Viveca Global Services, LLC Life Security Consultants

* Advisor of Strategical Unit - A. Tubman 24Hr. Private Security Patrol

*7th Generation Greene- (Tubman) , most famous family member Harriet (Greene-Ross) Tubman


Nominated for " BE A CHANGE AWARD" - Govenor's PA Commission For Women

National Alliance of Women's Veterans

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation hosts it's 39th Annual Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. September 23rd-227th at the Walter E. Washington convention Center. This Years's theme: Reinvest...Rebuild...Renew.

This year's highlight forums include Budget,Appropriations&Taxation;Defense,Veterans&Homeland Security, Economic Security;Energy& Environment;community Reinvestment;Health&Wellness;Foreign Policy& International Relations;Judicial&Civil Rights;CBC Outreach.

The two events that i look forward to is the Prayer Breaakfast. This years' event featureda special appearance by grammy Award winner Yolanda Adams, the Pine Forge Academy choir and Bishop Richard Franklin Norris, Presiding Bishop of first Episcopal district of the African Methoodist Episcopal Churh in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He delivered a powerful word of encouragement. He urged us to pray for the first Family and the nation.

The live Blog Talk Radio Broadcast will be the Annual Phonenix Awards Dinner which will be a tribute to the legacy and the achievements of the members of the CBC and other extraordinary individuals that positively impact African american Life and culture.

This year's honorees include: The Honorable Calvin Smyre, member of the Georgia house of Representatives & President of the National black caucus of State Legislators;Mr. Danny Glover, actor &Humanitarian; Ambassador Susan E. Rice,United Nations;Mr Wyclef Jean,Entertainer&Humanitarian.The Award symbolizes the immortality of the human spirit and an eternal desire to reach its full potential.

Among the 3000 guests expected to attend this years' gala will be President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

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